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Artificial Intelligence

Experience: 0.6-4 years
Programming languages, Data engineering, Exploratory data analysis, Models, Services, Deploying, Security


Experience: 0.6-4 years
Computer Programming. Data Structures, Smart Contracts, Architecture

Web Developer

Experience: 0.6-4 years
HTML, CSS, Responsive, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CMS, PHP, Wordpress, Any PHP Framework

App Developer

Experience: 0.6-4 years
Product Management, Agile Methodologies and Scrum Management, User Interface and User Experience, Design, Writing, Business Analysis, Communication, QA and Performance Testing

Node.js Developer

Experience: 0.6-4 years
Security, How to front end, Databases, Package management, Cloud platforms, Source control

Laravel Developer

Experience: 0.6-4 years
Knowledge of programming languages, Knowledge of MVC and OOP, Skilled in DBMS, Experience with project management frameworks, Knowledge of the latest updates, Knowledge of cloud computing and APIs